Privacy policy for the apps of Yu-weiz

This privacy policy applies to:Sketch Board; Sketch Touch; 素描画板; One Browser; or other apps which published by Yu-weiz.


1: the "privacy" referred to in this agreement including the telecom and Internet users' personal information protection regulations as stipulated in article 4 of the content of the users' personal   information and formulated or revised from time to time in the future of privacy should be clearly stipulated in the laws and regulations including the content.

2: user privacy is a basic policy of Yu-weiz, Yu-weiz sure not getting user data privacy.

3: access to photo albums and related folder only for users to access the file data,we will not collect.


本隐私策略适用于:Sketch Board; Sketch Touch; 素描画板; One Browser 等Yu-weiz发行的应用。        

1: 本协议所指的“隐私”包括《电信和互联网用户个人信息保护规定》第4条规定的用户个人信息的内容以及未来不时制定或修订的法律法规中明确规定的隐私应包括的内容。

2: 保护用户隐私是 Yu-weiz 的一项基本政策,Yu-weiz 保证不会摄取用户数据相关隐私。

3: 对相册及相关文件夹的访问仅为用户存取用户文件数据,我们绝不会收集。 


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